1.2.3 Upgrade/Migrate to 2.1.4 on new hardware

  • Hi all,

    From my reading it seems that the "proper" way to migrate my current 1.2.3 installation over to new hardware and upgrade to the latest rev. is to

    1. remove all packages from 1.2.3
    2. make a config backup
    3. cross fingers and hope restore works on 2.1.4
    4. re-install packages on the 2.1.4. system
    5. swap out hardware

    The problem is…..my 1.2.3 system is my main production system, and I really don't relish the thought of removing all of the packages....and hoping for the best.
    If the process hits any glitches, this could leave me in a very bad position. Seems like a bit of a "all or nothing" proposition.

    so... I was thinking.....

    first : is it possible to just edit the config.xlm file generated by the 1.2.3 export ?
    Remove all the Installed packages (and associated menu items, and services ...) using something like XML notepad ?
    I'm assuming I need to leave the specific package information ?
    I'm guessing that the re-install of the package will need/use this package info ?

    second: setup a 1.2.3 version on my new hardware.
    Restore my current 1.2.3 config to the "new 1.2.3 system"
    remove all packages
    upgrade from the console?

    are either of these options viable ?

    Thanks for any advise.

  • I just updated from 2.1.3 to 2.1.4 without doing what u said I just updated it and its ok no errors..


  • my version is 1.2.3

    not 2.1.3  :)

  • ;D@sowen:

    my version is 1.2.3

    not 2.1.3  :)

  • You're basically on the right track, you can clear out the entire package section from config.xml in your 1.2.3 version and then do an upgrade to 2.1.3 (or even 2.1.4).

    Once in 2.1.x, it becomes possible to backup and restore just the packages section from your config.xml so you should be able to try and restore the old packages section from your 1.2.3 install.

    Do you have many packages installed? Some simpler ones might be easiest reinstalled from scratch (Snort and Squid will likely take more work).

  • pkg list:


    I'd prefer to NOT re-install Snort… for a variety of reasons, and the only other package that I "need" would be Squid.
    The others can all be installed fresh. I have no need for old data.

    Thanks for the confirmation on the XML info....

    I may try what you suggested and just nuke it all, and then try a selective restore with just Squid.

    I'll post back any success or disaster....


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