[Help] Running with fiber

  • Hi,

    I want to run fiber in my system and wonder how I can make it work?

    Fiber –-> pfsense <3 ---> Switch ---> lan

    Right now I drive with Media Box and how do I know what type of VLAN they run with? For I have IPTV and internet.

    So I have to run with VLAN for IPTV and VLAN to the internet for it to work does anyone know how to fix this?

    How do I check up the type of fiber they use?

    MVH Christoffer from Sweden

  • Hello,

    My ISP has assigned the VLANs in the "router" they supplied.

    I have 4 ports, 1 of which is for internet. VLAN is handled in that router.

    If you want to skip the ISP supplied router, you need to establish which VLANs they use, and assign them in pfSense to various ports. This would mean that you would have to connect your IPTV box to pfSense.

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