• I have dynamic DNS provided by pairNIC. Their instructions for setting up a dynamic DNS client are:

    When you set up your client, you can enter this information:

    Username: pairnic
    Password: your pairNIC DNS Key
    Alias or Host Name: the domain name or sub-domain that you want to update
    Dynamic DNS Server Name: dynamic.pairnic.com
    Dynamic DNS Server URL: /nic/update?
    IP Server Name: myip.pairnic.com /

    The IP Server Name field might need to be entered as "Other Information" or "Other Settings" using this format: ip_server_name myip.pairnic.com /

    I do not understand how this translates to the fields available on pfSense's dynamic DNS client service page with the "Service type" set to "Custom". Can anyone tell me how I should setup pfSense to use pairNIC's dynamic DNS?

  • I just managed to get this working.

    I haven't figured out how to update only a specific hostname, but everything else works. This will update your base domain name.

    Service Type: Custom
    Username: pairnic  (all lower case!)
    Password: [Your Pairnic Dynamic DNS Key from your Pairnic account].
    Update URL: dynamic.pairnic.com

    If you don't have your Dynamic DNS Key, and don't know where to find it, feel free to reply back. You may also contact Pairnic support.

  • For reference here is the complete Dynamic DNS custom config required for anyone using pairNIC dynamic DNS:

    Service Type: Custom
    Username: pairnic  (all lower case!)
    Password: [Your pairNIC Dynamic DNS Key - from your pairNIC account].
    Update URL: https://dynamic.pairnic.com/nic/update?hostname=<dynamichostname>.<yourdomain>&myip=%IP%


    <dynamichostname>is the name of the dynamic host (e.g. webserver)
    NB If this hostname already exists in your pairNIC config - it will be overwritten!

    <yourdomain>is your pairNIC domain (e.g. privatedomain.org)</yourdomain></dynamichostname></yourdomain></dynamichostname>