Limit on Server IP not working?

  • Hi,

    I want the scenario where my server can have a max inbound bandwith traffic of 50Mb and outbound of 55Mb . Does not matter how many clients are connection.

    In the traffic shaper i added 2 limiters. 1 i called 50MB and one 55MB .

    The first rule in the firewall i added the rule (on WAN) from any to destination server ip service any . In advanced settings i set the limiter for in en out traffic.

    But in traffic shaper i see higher MB's then my traffic shaper allows. How is that possible? Should i do it another way?

  • Tray this way It's tasted and working.

  • Yes thats how i did it.

    It looks like thats how you limit a per client connection to the server. How can i limit the Destination Server to 50MB? So alle the connections to it from different sources may not have more then 50MB traffic?

    Or is that only possible to setup a limit by interface?

  • I want to Limit all my servers behind the DMZ .

    So i have server A server B and server C . what is the best Way to limit the inbound and outbound traffic to a max of 50MB per server.

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