Sarg Squid Report not working

  • Hi Guys,

    I am new to SARG and i want to use it but i have an issue in generating the reports. I have this error on the system logs.

    php: /pkg_edit.php: The command 'export LC_ALL=C && /usr/local/bin/sarg -d date +%d/%m/%Y' returned exit code '1', the output was 'SARG: (info) No graphs available as sarg was not compiled with libgd. Set "graphs" to "no" in /usr/local/etc/sarg/sarg.conf to disable this warning SARG: Records in file: 865, reading: 0.00%^MSARG: Period covered by log files: 02/07/2014-02/07/2014 SARG: cannot open /usr/local/www/squid-reports/2014/07/02/sarg-date for writing SARG:: No such file or directory SARG: Records in file: 865, reading: 100.00%'

    but the realtime log is working.

    Somebody help me with my issue please.

    I have followed this configuration but still no works.

    #Locatoin of log files - from pfsense settings access_log /var/squid/log/access.log title "Squid User Access Reports - SARG" graphs yes graph_days_bytes_bar_color orange #LOCATION of WEB PAGES output_dir /usr/local/www/squid-reports #Display usernames or IP resolve_ip no #Sort Order topuser_sort_field BYTES reverse user_sort_field BYTES reverse

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