Streamlink TQ and authentication in bridge mode

  • Hi,

    I am sharing satelite connection, and in order to allow clients to connection properly, they have to install a software called streamlink TQ (windows aplication only) , and a limited range calss A IP (23 IP's only), according to the ISP they dont support mac's or linux or any non windows clients, so it seem to me the only way to let them go through pfs box is in bridge mode running and configuring dhcp to give them the same ip range giving by the isp, my question is:

    can i force my clients to authenticate before the connect? some clients dont want to be tight to one pc, they want to desktop or lapto any time they want but one pc at time.

    can i benifit from squid to save some bandwidth, since the streamlink TQ software force clients to use to use as proxy and 2902 as port?

    i tried make them share 1 IP without using the Steamlink TQ,  but the connection was very slow.

    do u have a suggestion to solve this problem?

    thanks for your help in advance


  • not sure if that is doable, but can't you configure the windows software as dial on demand and use that box then as gateway for the pfsense?

    satelitelink–---windowsbox with connection software-----wan/pfsense/lan-----------clients

    Let the clients authenticate against the pfSense in NAT mode. This way no traffic will pass the wan interface unless the client has authenticated. You also can install the squid then at the pfSense to save some bandwidth.

  • hi,

    thanks for ur kind reply, well i am not that good in networking, still new, could you kindly help me in walk step by step, i really appreciate that.

    thanks in advance


  • The problem is that I don't know your clientsoftware and how your satelite connection works so I can't be really of much help with that. sorry  :-\