HTTP loadbalancer VIP with rewrite question

  • Hello,

    I have plunged deep into the forum and the sources on internet but I can't find out which package that suits my needs best.
    Basically I have a pfsense as a WAN router/fw/swiss army knife and want to do do classic BigIP F5 VIP loadbalancing with URL patterns/rewrites.
    http(s)://* -> VIP1
    VIP1 is a group of 1..n LAN IP adresses (say and which gets the rewritten URL:

    http(s)://* -> VIP2
    VIP2 being other internal server/servers

    I can do the above except the url-rewriting in squid3 with Reverse Proxy configuration, is there a good (simple) package for this?

    If for any reason I have missed a forum entry on this topic I ask kindly that you don't shoot me.

  • Update, I have got this to work with Varnish3 with manual entries.

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