Help on Basic pfSense setup

  • Hi all,

    I have a small issue which need to be cleared.

    My setup is like this

    WAN (ISP)1 –->
                              pf Box ---> Cisco Router ---> LAN Clients
    WAN (ISP)2 --->

    • I have 2 ISP public IP eg: and going into pf Box 2 RJ45 interface.
    • And i want them to go into Gateway Group and come out as 1 connection through 3rd RJ45 interface which should go into Cisco router.

    My main doubt is what will be IP for 3rd interface ? Should it be private ip that goes into Cisco router ? I will use cisco router to DHCP this connection into 4 vlan.

    Kindly help i am new to pfSense.

  • why use pfsense in combination with the cisco router (or vice versa)? putting 2 routers behind each other seems pointless to me

  • I agree with heper, unless you have a good reason to need the Cisco box in place just let pfsense handle the whole setup.
    VLans under pfSense work well and it sounds like you already have a switch in place (already configured? ) to handle the client side.

    Can you describe a little more about your environment and what you're try to accomplish?

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