P2P traffic shaping in Limit?

  • Ok i use the limiter and add 5 Mb for upload and 2 Mb for down load for a IP address. Speed test show correct cuts but when i download torrents there is other shaping - cut to 600 kb/s for download… I don't use any other rules for P2P traffic, only 2 limiter rules.

    Why that happens ?

  • Is your ISP shaping your torrent traffic?

  • No because if i add Lan cable directly in PC i can download torrents on max download speeds. Tray to use layer 7 limiter but don't see any rule for uTorrent traffic. There is only for bittorent traffic. How to low the speeds from utorrent. I tray already layer 7 rule for any traffic and again uTorrent traffic pass on max and again not shaped.

    PS: I have a rule in the Firewall for IP that i want P2P traffic to be shaped. I add in Advanced features layer 7 rule and inside that rule i configured to pass bittorents, than any other protocols too and noting happens… may be thats not the right way?

  • I don't know what's going on with your limiter, but if you're trying to shape torrent traffic, it seems to work best by using a traffic shaper to classify other traffic (like HTTP, HTTPS, POP, SMTP whatever else you normally use) as high priority and all else as bulk class. P2P apps are notorious for using random ports so it can be hard to catch.

  • The old pfsense shapper was one idea easy for configuration.

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