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    I know there is a problem with PPTP not working correctly, meaning that if you enable the server you cannot PPTP out etc. In a topic I also saw a message that you guys know where the problem is, something to do with kernel or jail() things… that message was from a year ago so I was wondering if by now this problem has been fixed? Since PPTP is still one of the most used tunneling protocols out here it's a major problem if it doesn't work (at least it is for us :))

    If I decide to drop the PPTP server on pfSence and just do pass trough for both incoming and outgoing PPTP connections do these limitations still exist? I mean, if it just travels trough pfSense does it still have the limitation of one connection per server?

    A small questions off-topic; why do you have a limitation of 16 concurrent PPTP connections (I know it can be changed manually).

    Thanks for the answer!

  • Last I heard, the PPTP out to 1 server only issue is scheduled to be fixed in the 2.0 release.  Many of use are waiting on it :P

  • A way to see what has been going on with PPTP is to go to:

    Then do a search for PPTP or whatever topic you are interested in. Here you will see code check ins and bug reports and replies.

    With my system I turned off the PPTP server and use OpenVPN its not to hard if you follow:

    OpenVPN road warrier and site to site

    Making OpenVPN key creation easier until we get a GUI

    With PPTP off on my system I can remote into any other pre-existing PPTP systems from my network.

    I believe the 16 concurrent PPTP connections limit is a default inherited from m0n0wall.

    One more thing to note PPTP in PFSense is provided by MPD. Looks like there is a new major version that is currently Release Candidate 2  status perhaps that version will help for future versions of PFSense.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reply.
    Unfortunately we have a lot of "dumb" users, they can follow a simple 2 page tutorial on how to make a pptp connection but are to stupid to make an IPsec or SSLVPN connection. So thats the main reason we need to enable the server.

    I am willing to have someone on RentAcoder try and fix it and spend some resources on it, if so, will someone put it in the next release?



  • In addition to RentAcoder You can also try a Bounty here on this forum at:

    If the solution is clean, fixes the problems with PPTP, and doesn't cause any other problems then it is very likely the changes will be added to PFSense.

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