M0n0wall "Adding the DHCP next-server/TFTP server IP to the configuration" fix

  • Hello,

    I was hoping someone could enlighten me. I was looking for a solution to have a TFTP server available to some of my client whey they obtain their IP address from the pfSense DHCP server.

    I found this m0n0wall screencast ( http://m0n0.ch/wall/screencasts.php ) titled "Adding the DHCP next-server/TFTP server IP to the configuration" and was wondering if this was possible with pfSense.

    Given the close relationship between pfSense and m0n0wall, would the same solution allow me to add/point to a TFTP server ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Since i can't connect to a pfSense box atm, but from memory goto dhcp server -> advanced

    or you can find a link for patch here.


  • Thanks Perry.

    I wasn't aware of the "advanced" options in the DHCP server … and I had used search in the forum and tried hard not to ask a stupid question.

    For the advanced option, I gather you must have the server ip address (duh) and the filename for the network boot. Does this mean I can only have one file ? or can I specify a directory on the TFTP server there ? I am trying to use this to boot and configure several IP phones.

    As for the patch located here at pfsense.trendchiller.com , do you know if the patch setups a TFTP server on your pfSense box, or is it just pointing to a TFTP server from pfSense ?

    Thanks for your help.

  • IIRC, The advanced tab on the DHCP server is used for bootp and the patch at trendchiller allows you to add options for a tftp server. You would normally point it to an existing tftp server on your network, but in a pinch it should be fairly easy to get the stock FreeBSD tftpd running on a pfSense box.

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