PfSense cant resolve Windows DHCP Leases Hostname.

  • Hi guys I'm new in pfSense and starting to love it.. Here's my setup.

    Windows 2008 R2 = AD/DHCP/DNS
    pfSense = Router/Squid/SquidGuard

    What i want to happen is I wanted pfSense to resolve the hostname of the dhcp clients from Windows Server DNS/DHCPs.

    When i go to Status > Traffic Graph and chose LAN, Display Hostname, I was able to see the hostname of those clients i see in Reverse Lookup zones from my Windows DNS server but I cannot see the hostname of those clients inside Forward Lookup Zones > they only show ip's.

    Tried to tweak stuffs in DNS forwarders and pfSense DNS server and cant make it work.. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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    And where does pfsense point to for dns?  Point it at your 2k8r2 box and there you go - anything that it serves for dns pfsense would resolve.

  • thanks johnpoz,

    pfSense dns points to my 2k8r2 domain that also has the dhcp and dns for the clients.

    it resolves all the Reverse Lookup Zones mostly static ips in my domain.. i see their hostnames. but not those clients under dhcp given by my 2k8r2 dhcp server.

  • setup:

    3 isp
    4 routers
    1 pfsense
    220 clients not including the servers.

    isp#1 + router#1 = gateway 3 (
    isp#2 + router#2 = gateway 4 (
    isp#3 + router#3 = gateway 2 (
    isp#1 + isp#2 + isp#3 = pfSense = gateway 10 ( DNS =,
    router#4 = gateway 1. ( DNS =,

    router#4 does all the routing. we have specific applications that runs thru specific gateway. everything that was not listed to this router is going to pfSense. / = mostly used for general internet.

    w2k8r2 #1 = AD#1 = (DHCP/DNS#1/etch..)
    w2k8r2 #2 = AD#2 = (DNS#2)

    all clients default gateway is gateway 1 ( and joined in the domain.

    my problem in pfSense is  i was able to resolve all DNS "Reverse Lookup Zones"
    but not those inside "Forward Lookup Zones/" which is mostly DHCP clients.

  • DHCP should be automatically updating DNS with the client hostname that just got served an IP address.  Can you verify whether or not DHCP clients actually end up in your DNS?  What happens if you manually use nslookup on one of your live DHCP IPs?  Doe sit resolve to a hostname?  I have this working perfectly for me without any goofing around, so I suspect your issue may be a break between DHCP and DNS.  I use MS for this same role and I've seen lots of funnies where leases aren't updated, IP conflicts between DNS and DHCP, etc.

  • done via pfSense DNS Lookup:

    Hostname or IP = No record found

    Resolution time per server
    Server Query time 212 msec 2301 msec

  • What happens when you try to resolve those same IP addresses from another server or your desktop?

  • i think i got it working now..

    no special configuration needs to be done in pfSense. it was Windows DNS issue.

    my subnet was so i added all class C in Reverse Lookup Zones.

  • @KOM:

    What happens when you try to resolve those same IP addresses from another server or your desktop?


  • Just as I suspected.  Glad to see you got it working.

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