Slow WAN, Multi LAN Traffic Shaping

  • I am starting to play with traffic shaping.

    I have multiple LAN interfaces on a gigabit Ethernet network, where some of the LANs talk to each other. The WAN interface is very slow (1.3 Mbps in, 0.4 Mbps out).

    I want to use the traffic shaper to prioritize things like email, over somebody watching a video; and to prevent a single user from hogging Internet bandwidth.

    So, I started by using the “Single Wan multi Lan” wizard. It works, the traffic gets shaped. But my LAN-to-LAN traffic has slowed down tremendously. I do not really need to shape LAN-to-LAN traffic; is there a way to turn that off, and shape Internet traffic only?

    Alternatively, is there a way to specify different bandwidth for LAN-to-LAN shaping? I have five hundred times the bandwidth available for LAN-to-LAN; I do not need it slowed down to the speed of the slow WAN interface (or is it even worse, a 15% or less of the WAN speed specified by the queue bandwidth setting?).

    Maybe the whole methodology is off, and I am using a wrong wizard, or did not check an option somewhere?

    Also, where are the firewall rules, the ones that assign queues to traffic on LAN interfaces, located? All floating rules created by the wizard seem to have only the WAN interface selected. Where are the LAN rules?


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