Is pfsense capable with this

  • Hi,

    I am fairly new to networking and is trying to decide weather I go with a pfsense home made router or just buy a router with dual wan.

    Well to start I live in the Philippines and have a very slow internet connection. I have a 8mbps download connection but can only achieve 5 or 6 mbps with speedtest and .75 upload. So Im currently planning to setup a LTE internet connection. I don't live in a good LTE area location, so the very best speeds I can achieve is 10mbps download and 16mbps upload. The only thing stable with the LTE connection is the upload, the download speed ranges from 2-6 mbps usually.

    So my questions is:

    1. Would it be possible to setup pfsense load balancing so that it will use the LTE connection for upload, and use both the LTE and DSL connection for download? I am not looking for bonding the speed, just to balance them.

    2. I also need to clarify something about load balancing, based on my understanding. Every time a client wants to access something in the internet, the router will decide which connection will it be connected to. So if I download something with torrent or Internet Download Manager (IDM) since both are using multiple connections, will it take advance of both my connection? Will the speed stack up when downloading a single file since is connected to multiple connections? Or will I be able to take advantage of both speed if I download 2 separate files? Or maybe 2 different files from 2 different softwares?


  • any help/tips with this?

  • Hi Karl, I'm also from the Philippines and been using pfsense for several years now.

    I'm not sure with your first question but for the second question, you can definitely use IDM or torrent downloading to achieve the combined speed of both connections for downloading one file. You are right that they use multiple connections so they will use both WAN links when you're downloading as long as you setup the firewall correctly.

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