Problem with squid and/or squidguard

  • Hello!

    I recently installed squid and squidguard mainly to protect the little ones from all the nasty stuff on the internet.

    Now, after doing that, I found out that my photovoltaic inverter, who sends regularly data to a portal on the internet, didn't do that anymore.
    Strangely there was no error message in the logs, all I found was that, but I think that was from before I switched everything to "allow" in the general ACL tab:

    Request(default/none/-) - POST REDIRECT

    After I entered the sending IP address in "Bypass proxy for these source IPs" it started working again.

    Anyone have an idea what is going on and why, or if I can debug that a little more?

  • If your default action in Common ACL is Deny then there is no web access.  Hard to tell what you did without seeing some screens.

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