Broadcom/Intel nic Cisco VPN Client

  • Hi all,

    this is my first post in this forum and I would like to thank all the people working on this project, this is really a useful piece of software.

    In the past I used ipcop, but adding more networks and needing also 1:1 I started testing pfsense.
    At the moment we have a standard network

    private network 1  ->
    private network 2  ->    pfsense ->  internet -> Cisco VPN concentrator
    DMZ                  ->

    Most of our users need to access SAP through an external Cisco VPN Concentrator, using Cisco VPN Client (Transparent tunneling/UDP)
    A first test seemed to be positive, changing to productive environment it failed completly. The client reported error 412, connection reset, allthough a packet sniffer showed a lot of traffic between pfsense and the vpn concentrator.
    hardware platform is a dl380 G4, 1gb memory, 23Ghz cpu, 2 1000 Broadcom onboard nics (using bge driver) smp kernel
    searching for a solution I saw a lot of hints that it must be possible but I also saw that many admins still seem to having problems.
    For some reason (lets´call it my stomach talking to me) I added a dual port server adapter 1000 intel pro using the em driver and it works with exactly the same configuration.
    Today we even testet sucessfully also concurrent vpn sessions without any problem

    also i can confirm that booting with acpi on does not work unless the floppy controller is disabled in the BIOS.

    At the moment I am absolutely fine with my configruation, I just wanted to post this for other users also having problems when using broadcom adapters.


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