Fresh HAVP install does not start

  • Hi,

    I run a fresh install of 2.1.4-RELEASE  (i386) nanobsd (2g) on an APU.1C from a 4 GB SD. This seems to work fine.
    I installed HAVP on it but it does not start the service. DB is updated already.
    Nothing special in the logs:
    Jul 5 22:09:36 havp[17142]: === Starting HAVP Version: 0.91
    Jul 5 22:09:36 havp[17142]: === Mandatory locking disabled! KEEPBACK settings not used!
    Jul 5 22:09:36 havp[17142]: Running as user: havp, group: havp
    Jul 5 22:09:36 havp[17142]: –- Initializing Clamd Socket Scanner
    Jul 5 22:10:36 havp[17142]: Clamd: Could not connect to scanner! Scanner down?
    Jul 5 22:10:36 havp[17142]: ERROR: Clamd Socket Scanner failed EICAR virus test! (Could not connect to scanner socket)

    Tried to reinstall, then uninstall and install, always with the same result.

    Any help is appreciated.


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