Bug in 2.1.4?

  • Pfsense doc says:

    "When switching to Manual Outbound NAT without any rules defined, a set of rules is created for you that is the equivalent of the rules currently in use by Automatic Outbound NAT."

    However I switched to manual on my pfsense 2.1.4 and no rules were created.

    Any hint?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Then you either have no WANs defined (no interfaces with gateways) or you have all interfaces defined as WANs (gateways set on every interface, including LAN where it shouldn't be set)

  • Actually I had no upstream gateway on the wan interface.

    It is curious because all the routing was running fine

  • This one just bit me.  Spent 30 minutes banging my head against the wall, then manually created a NAT rule and found out they weren't being automatically generated.

    I've had problems recently when we have a test rack of equipment in the office and the firewall WAN is set to DHCP.  Then when we take iton-site, we flip it to Static IPv4.  If we attempt to assign a gateway at the time we flip it to Static IPv4, the creation hangs.

    We've been switching by updating the WAN IP, but leaving the GW blank, then creating a gateway manually under System->Routing->Gateways.  Apparently the 'default gateway' checkbox doesn't do what I thought it did.  We've been missing setting it on the WAN interface.

    Thanks for the helpful post.


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    I cannot for the life get it to route on OPT interface via manual outbound NAT to VIP on WAN parent interface….

    Nothing works. Inbound is fine and routing as it should.

    Outbound is only via WAN. In the same second you switch outbound nat to VIP IP then it hangs outbound. Inbound still works...even routing on the VIP's.

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