Problem bridge two interfaces

  • i have a system with 3 interface

    on esxi 5.5

    lan :
    opt1: none

    i want bridge two interfaces ( lan and opt1)

    1- create a bridge (bridge0) and assigne two interfaces (lan and opt1)
    2- system -> advanced -> system tunable ->
        change  to 0
        change  to 1
    3- in firewall rule float and lan and opt1 pass traffic any to any

    what problem when connected pc to opt1 ( cannot ping and access to

    thanks alot

  • First thing to check is Status: System logs: Firewall to see if the traffic is being blocked.

    That said  ;), I think your floating rule is being applied to OPT1 and LAN interfaces (the members), but when you set and you're telling the firewall to filter the bridge, not the interfaces. So the floating rule isn't matching.  (f you invert your settings, it might work)


    The recommended procedure for version 2.x is to assign the bridge as an interface and assign the IP address to the new Bridge Interface. See this post for the summary:


    1: Interfaces –> assign --> bridges.
    2: Create a bridge and add all interfaces you want as member.
    3: Interfaces --> assign
    4: Assign the bridge you just created. The bridge is treated like a normal interface. Configure IP's on this interface
    (5:) Assign the interfaces which are member of the bridge. Set their IPs as "none".
    (6:) Create firewall rules on the member-interfaces of the bridge to allow traffic.

    More detail:

    That said (again)  ;), I used the book. It's got an entire chapter devoted to bridging.

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