Weird problems with the firewall

  • 2.2-ALPHA (amd64)
    built on Tue Jul 01 09:56:53 CDT 2014
    A PFSense ran via Hyper-V on 2012 Server

    I have 2 lans on 2 different subnets

    LAN - 192.168.99./24 (VLAN 1)
    WifiGuests - 192.168.100.
    /24 (VLAN 6)

    Here are the rules under the wifiguest lan (First two block, 3rd allows all traffic):

    ID Proto Source Port Destination Port Gateway Queue Schedule Description
    icon   IPv4 TCP/UDP * * This Firewall 443 (HTTPS) * none
    icon   IPv4 * * * LAN net * * none    
    icon   IPv4 * WIFIGUESTS net * * * * none

    These are under the LAN in firewall (ALL ALLOW):

        • LAN Address 80 * *   Anti-Lockout Rule
          icon   IPv4 * LAN net * * * * none   Default allow LAN to any rule 
          icon   IPv6 * LAN net * * * * none   Default allow LAN IPv6 to any rule
    1. Now for some reason when someone outside the network tries to access my OWA Exchange, they get the firewalls cert even though pfsense is set to not use https.

    2. My server which is on the LAN of, it cannot access the pfsense via, but it can access the pfsense via, however my desktops on the lan using 99.* can access the pfsense on

    3. Hyper-V is for some reason allowing the management OS to obtain an IP address on the card pfsense is using to do lan/wan/etc. Is there an option I can turn off to stop this? It's messing with all my programs that listen on all ip's to do things.

    What is going on with these?

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