Seting up second wan interface with PPPOE

  • Hi guys

    I'm somewhat confused about setting up my second wan connection.
    A ISP installed a (router) for my second wan connection. they informed me that i need to setup PPPOE on my pfsense firewall. I received a IP adres + users + password.
    I have no clue if i need a PPPOE server and how to set it up. I found a tutorial but it was not very clear.
    Can someone give me some advice?
    My primary wan connection is a router that connects to pfsense, i did not need to configure any PPPOE connections.

    so I'm abit confused

    thanks for your help

  • no one .. ?  :'(

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You do not need the PPPoE server. Go to Interfaces > [name of interface connected to the new modem] and set the IPv4 type to PPPoE and enter the user/pass there.

  • Once you get the pppoe connection working you will have to decide how you are going to use the two wans, either independently or in a load balancing configuration.
    After that you have set up firewall rules on your lan and other interfaces to direct traffic accordingly.

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