Connections between 3 sites on tunnel

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    I have 3 office,  2 child office and 1 central office , and 3 pfsenses, I successfully connected tunnels between 2 child offices to our central office both on wan of the central office

    child1 (  <<>>  central office (
    child2 (  <<>>  central office (

    connections between cenrtal office and child offices are ok but we cannot ping child1 to child2

    I tried to add new outbond nat for IPsec interface for any to any but it didn't work how I can route traffice between child1 and child2 from central office?

    Thank you
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  • Hi,

    Since I'm dealing with a similar problem I'm digging through the forum.

    AFAIK, your problem could be solved as cmb suggests in this post:

    You need additional phase2 settings on both tunnels:

    Local            Remote <-->

    and then

    Local            Remote <-->

    Test the settings and take my advice with a grain of salt.

    – Enrico

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