Automatic Upgrades

  • Or is it update? Anyway I am trying to get the big picture for the embedded setup, which I haven't been able to find in the docs anywhere.

    I looked at my flash drive on another computer and found two 450MB partitions and a third 50MB partition. I take it the latter is where the config file is stored?

    I had 2.1.1 in the F1 partition and 2.1.2 in the F2. I booted F2 and then did an automatic upgrade - which went into F1. So I'm guessing automatic upgrades simply go into the opposite partition from the one currently booted? Or do they look for the oldest version to overwrite?

    Is there any value in trying to get both up to 2.1.4? I don't see a menu entry to copy the partition over so I'm guessing it's either 1) do it at the console with dd or 2) Somehow invoke the automatic upgrade while booted on the 2.1.4 partition, which will now go into the 2.1.2 partition? And how to do that? (later) Ah, now I see it's done under Diagnostics:NanoBSD

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes, that's how NanoBSD works. The upgrade is always done to the non-boot slice and then the boot slice is switched. See:

    You can copy the slices from the webgui in Diagnostics: NanoBSD:

    You might want to do that if you're planning to make some custom changes to the current slice so you can always choose the backup if it then fails to boot.


  • Thanks. Looking for the info in the wrong place… I will scribble that link into my pfsense book for when I forget about it next time.  ::)

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