NAT - 1:1 for exchange server

  • hi all,

    i want to NAT my internal mail server  to one of my external ip address's (not my default pfsense WAN address, another WAN address)

    ive added my additional WAN address in "virtual servers"

    i want to allow port 143 - imap/25 - smtp

    obviously my end users instead of typing in the WAN address i have set a go daddy account and created a domain with them and have created a A host and that points to my additional WAN address

    i then go to firewall rules > NAT > 1:1 but all i see is to point an external ip address to a internal ip address, i want to also only allow port 25/143 open?

    can anyone help me please

    thank you


  • i know what instead of NAT 1:1 i will add is as a "port forward" and add my additional WAN ip in the "destination" so it uses that ip address

    is that right or wrong?

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