Traffic Shaping Help

  • Hi !

    I want to limit my traffic for the udp protocol to 10MB.

    I have setup a rule in floating rules with Apply the action immediately on match.

    What i do not understand is what am i limiting with under advanced in and out?  is the IN the CLIENT and OUT the SERVER? so can i leave IN empty and set OUT to 10MB if i want to limit per server?

  • From what I understand, a limiter is just a dumb pipe that will limit all traffic routed to it to its maximum capacity, and not per client/server.  IN on the WAN interface means traffic coming from the Internet, OUT means traffic destined to the Internet.  Set your OUT to 10MB/s, set rules to move your server WAN traffic to the limiter, put them under load and see it it holds steady at ~10MB.

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