Proxy settings

  • please can anybody tell me how can i use either squid, squidguard or dansgaurdian to block all sites allowing only two sites to be accessible to internet e.g. yahoo and google

  • To block all sites, just insert a . on squid blacklist.

  • pls dont be offende explain beter on how to block all internet access leaving only yahoo mail and google site thanks

  • Using Squid and SquidGuard, go to Services - Proxy filter.  Click the Target categories tab and add a new one.  Give it a name and add your allowed domains to the Domain List.  Click Save.  Go to the Common ACL tab and click the green arrow button to expand the Target Rules List.  Make sure your Target category is listed at the top and its access is set to allow.  Underneath that (because the rules are processed in order from top down) make sure that Default access [all] is set to deny.  Set your Proxy Denied Error, Redirect mode, and Redirect info to whatever you need.  Click Save.  Go to the General settings tab.  Click Save, then click Apply.

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