EasyDNS Support

  • Hi,

    I have been trying to get easyDNS (Dynamic DNS) working, and after discussing it with easyDNS a bit, they pointed out that there are two different interfaces to use … as below,

    1. Legacy interface, uses login password, to be discontinued at some point -> this is the interface pfSense currently uses

    2. "New" interface (API), uses Authentication Token (not user password), recommended interface from easyDNS.

    Is it possible to add support for the new interface (2 above)? Perhaps keep the old one, add the new one as something like "easyDNS (API)"?


  • Has there been any update to this in the recently released versions?
    I am also looking for the same functionality with EasyDNS under their new system.

  • This seems to be working.

    I just used the authentication token instead of the password.

  • I find the legacy method of dyndns with easydns works. I cannot find references to their newer Authentication Token approach, so I wonder if they backed out of that?

    The problem I have with easydns & dyndns with pfsense is that if I give a subdomain of my domain, it works. but I want my base domain to sync and that fails. Instead of showing my current public IP, when I have it sync my base domain, the latest Cached IP is red and reads as

    (by base domain, I mean munch.com as opposed to a subdomain, like butt.munch.com)

    Update: I think I don't see easyDNS's authentication token for dynDNS because I'm not paying for that level of service. They have a higher tier that expressly supports dynamic DNS, whereas the basic one I'm on, does not.

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