Can't get caching updates working

  • Help needed guys

    I can't manage to get caching updates working

    I tried all the solution given in the Squid Package Tuning page and can't get them working

    For example

    When Adding Custom Option to PfSense Squid

    refresh_pattern ([^.]+.|)(download|(windows|)update|).(microsoft.|)com/.*.(cab|exe|msi|msp) 4320 100% 43200 reloadnto-ims;
          range_offset_limit -1;

    I get this in the /var/squid/logs/cache.log file

    redreshAddToList: Unknown option '([^.]+.|)(download|(windows|)update|).(microsoft.|)com/..(cab|exe|msi|msp)': reload-into-ims;
    2014/07/09 13:28:04| squid.conf line 87: refresh_pattern ([^.]+.|)(download|(windows|)update|).(microsoft.|)com/.
    .(cab|exe|msi|msp) 4320 100% 43200 reload-into-ims;
    2014/07/09 13:28:04| refreshAddToList: Invalid regular expression '([^.]+.|)(download|(windows|)update|).(microsoft.|)com/.*.(cab|exe|msi|msp)': empty (sub)expression
    2014/07/09 13:28:04| WARNING: No units on 'range_offset_limit -1;', assuming -1.00 bytes

    other solutions doesn't work also

    any help ?

  • I had to go here to get the full details:

    not 100% it is actually working as intended with those recommendations as lightsquid logs are not totally clear as to whom is getting a hit on the cache for updates… so ya.  maybe that will help you some.

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