CARP with Quagga

  • Hello,

    this is more of Quagga question, but here's the thing:

    I've got one firewall with 4 interfaces - 3 private networks (, for LANs and for LAN leading to WAN) and I am trying to add second firewall for redundancy. I've made new dedicated lan 0.3/24 for CARP protocol and created virtual adresses for all the networks (192.168.x.11 on all LANS).

    1. Now I need OSPF to advertise the virtual IPs 192.168.x.11 as gateway adresses - how do I do that?
    2. Also - Quagga checks the master/backup state based on state of one virtual address but I've got two LANS there therefore virtual addresses - is there any way to check for both?

    I hope the question is clear enough. If not feel free to ask.


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