Load Balancing Per Bandwidth…

  • Hey guys,

    I'm a noob to PFsense, ive been running it for a while.  I have a few packages installed.  Ive been silently trolling the forums for a while, but I have not found anything about my question…

    So I have 4 WAN ports in my PFsense router currently.  I'm load balancing between all of them.  My question is...  Can I configure the load balancing per Mbps on each WAN.

    WAN1 = 10mbps
    WAN2= 4mbps
    WAN3= 4mbps
    WAN4= 2mbps

    How can I set it where when WAN1 hits 10mbps it rolls to the next available WAN?  does it work that way?

    Do I do that with the Traffic Shape Wizard?

    Also, How I direct a client (has a static IP in pfsense) to go out a certain wan port?

    Oh yeah, by the way, thanks for the help!

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