Question about routing certain computers through VPN

  • Hey guys, looking at setting up a pfSense box.

    I have a family of 4 with many devices.  We have smart tv's, wiiu, ps3, computers, tablets, etc.  Is it possible to choose the devices that i want routed through the VPN (computers, tablets), and have the other non important stuff go straight through my regular ISP?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Ultimately it depends on your VPN setup.

    If it's OpenVPN and you have the interface assigned, you can make an alias for the devices that should use the VPN, then put a rule at the top of the LAN rules that directs traffic from devices in that alias to use the VPN gateway, and everything else can go out the normal default gateway.

  • Thanks fir the reply, appreciate it.

    The reason that I'm asking is I've always used a router and ran
    everything through the VPN.  The problem is running all our devices
    through the VPN slows everything down to a crawl and makes streaming
    near imimpossible.

    I have 50/10 internet.  Do you think a pfsense box would help with running
    everything through the VPN ?  Or would I be better off just using a router
    and just selectively running the important devices through the vpn?

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