LiveCD with configuration?

  • Just wondering out loud here…

    I had a remote location experience a failing hard drive on their pfSense configuration, and was able to get them to limp along until I have an opportunity to get back up there with a new system.  In the meantime, I was wondering if it would be possible to set up a live CD with their configuration already on the CD, so that all they would have to do is drop in a CD and boot from that to have a working setup, at least for a short term?

    I realize I can do a CD with a USB device, but I'd really like to have fewer items that they can lose on site, and fewer things that they will need to do to get things to work.



  • the CD isn't easy to modify, not really a practical option. CD+config on USB flash would work. The memstick image is more practical to mount, could potentially embed the config into a memstick load and then have only a single USB flash drive.

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