• Anybody out there have an experience with HeroLogic devices.
    Specify HL-463


  • I have it here.
    What kind of information do you need ?

  • How well does pFsense run?
    How good it the WiFi card?  Will it take a higher output card?
    Are you running CF or HDD?  I would like to run HDD so I can run full install with packages.

    Overall how much do you like/dislike the box….


  • pfsense runs well on the box (it uses the amd geode processor).
    In term of performance, I did not test it thoroughly because I was using 2 boxes to test CARP and I ran into issue.  Since I was on a tight schedule so I had to stop.  I'm planning to put 1.2RC4 on it and test again.  Currently, I'm running pfsense on a Pentium 4 machine with 1 GB of RAM.  We have 200-300 login to the portal at peak and inbound WAN traffic on average is about 10 Mbps, max state table is about 14,000.  I'm not sure the HeroLogic can handle such load but I will try later.

    I did not try it with the wifi card so I don't know.

    I tried the box with both CF and HDD.  Boot up with CF is slow but once it is up, it's fine.

    So far, I can't say if I like or dislike the box because my primary concern is the load / performance.  As soon as I can test it again, I will let you know.

  • Any update on the HeroLogic hardware?

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