Web filter setup

  • I have a barracuda web filter
    where do I connect my pfsense to it
    the web filter just has wan and lan
    right now it goes from the router to wan and lan to switch

  • It should be router to pfSense to WAN port of web filter to switch.

  • ok thanks
    I hooked up our pfsense yesturday and it brought the network down
    this is my connection
    linksys to pfsense to web filter to switch
    if I restart pfsense and web filter it works then drops the internet then becomes intermitant all pc were restarted as well.
    My test scenerio was router pfsense to laptop and it worked fine.
    whats wrong?

  • You will probably have to reconfigure the Barracuda since you've moved it from its original spot on the network.

  • ok will need to try it

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