Best hardware to split an internet connection between 3 companies?

  • Hi,

    We're about to get a 100mbit leased line installed in our office and would like to share it with a couple of other offices in our building to reduce costs. One option is to just put everyone on the same subnet, but ideally I'd like each of the companies to have their own private network (which would ideally run at gigabit speeds), with internet provisioned separately to each. I'd also like to implement some basic rules for bandwidth splitting, e.g. each company having at least 10mbit bandwidth guaranteed and the rest split dynamically. There would be a maximum of about 50 devices using the connection at any one time.

    I've been digging around into pfSense and it looks like it can do what I need, but I'll admit that I'm a bit overwhelmed by all of the options and configuration, especially on the hardware side! Could anyone suggest a basic setup that would achieve what I am looking for? I'd prefer something that would have minimal setup time - we are a tech company so could probably get something set up ourselves from scratch but the less hassle the better.

    Sorry if there are already posts that cover this; I've tried to have a dig around before posting this but couldn't find any easy answer.

    Thanks in advance,


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