Blackberry Z10 IPSec - Connected:Yes, Browsing Resources:Fail

  • Hello everyone!

    Z10 device has IPSec profile set as:

    Gateway type: Cisco ASA
    Authentication type: Xauth-PSK
    Group Username: group name
    Group password: group password
    Hardware token: Off
    Username: username
    Password: user password
    Automatically determine IP: On
    Automatically determine DNS: On
    Automatically determine algorithm: On
    The rest of the settings correspond with IPSec server.

    The problem:
    Z10 device connects to IPSec server fine (key symbol in the notification bar beside wifi-symbol), receives correct IP-adress, pfsense and Z10 logs do not show any serious errors, only couple of warnings.
    And when IPSec profile is enabled, I can't access any network resources… WiFi connectivity is gone. So is connectivity to my remote network, can't access any resources.
    What could be the problem?

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