Old Neoware 3000 Thin CLient for Wifi Captive Portal Only

  • I have an old Neoware 3000 thin client that I would like to use as an internet access captive portal only with pfsense.
    This is due to a problem I have with 3 interfaces and SIP on the main pfsense box which leads to missed calls etc. Swapping out the network card for wifi should do the trick.
    The neoware can have a maximum of 256mb and has a 300Mhz geode cpu. It can boot from compact flash and has an empty pci slot for a network card.
    Is it likely to be good enough for a maxiumum throughput of around 50 - 70mb/s in total?
    Thanks for reading.

  • From Hardware Sizing Guidance

    10-20 Mbps
        We recommend a modern (less than 4 year old) Intel or AMD CPU clocked at at least 500MHz

    21-100 Mbps
        We recommend a modern 1.0 GHz Intel or AMD CPU

  • Thanks for replying.
    I don't need any features other than the captive portal for wifi, for a maximum of 2 connections at any one time.
    I'm hoping that that will make a difference to the hardware requirements

  • Netgate Administrator

    Try it and see, you already have the hardware. If you really don't need anything other than captive portal you may be able to disable a lot of things to improve performance.


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