Domain Name Resolution

  • I have hit an odd issue.  I've been a very happy pfsense user for about 2 years and things have run fantastic.  Recently I decided to setup a mail server and that, too, is running wonderfully, except for one item.  My domain name is not resolving correctly inside my network.  When I point a browser to it resolves to https and brings me to the pfsense login page.  I'm sure this is a simple setting (and typically my googlefu is strong) but I cannot find where I have it misconfigured.  Any help would be fantastic.


  • You can fix this by either configuring NAT reflection, or by getting your internal DNS server to point your domain to your internal IP instead of the public IP address.  I use the latter technique at work.  My external DNS is handled by a pair of Linux boxes, and my internal DNS is handled by Windows AD controller.  Even though my external Linux boxes handle our public IP, I added all my external FQDNs to my Windows AD controller DNS and pointed it towards the public server's (mail, web, ftp) internal IP addresses.  Works like a charm.  I found NAT reflection giving me pain when I was trying to connect to our FTP server by going out the firewall and then back in.

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