OpenVpn - Multiple instances

  • OpenVpn still starting second instance on x86 ver 2.1.4.  Is there a more permanent fix to prevent this?  A nuisance disabling OpenVpn serice, login to PfSense with ssh to kill one of the two non-moving OpenVpn PID's then restarting the OpenVpn service.

  • I had a similar problem….I narrowed out that any mac address used by two interfaces causes this problem, I had the wan interface and the modem access interface using the same mac id, I removed the modem interface the problem solved.

  • I have two Wan's and two Lans, one Lan adapter is currently disabled.  These four adapters don't share a common Mac address.  The modem was recently replaced.  The problem existed before and after the modem upgrade.  Can see no reason why the modem that I don't even have GUI access too would have the same Mac as any adapter I have purchased for the PfSense box.  I'm curious how yours did.  I presume you mean Mac address when you say Mac ID.  I'm not certain if or what Mac address the virtual VPN adapter creates when a connection is made.

  • I had enabled modem gui access from the firewall and had created an additional interface on WAN as per instructions given on …l hence there were two interfaces WAN & Modem Access which were having the same mac id, until ver 2.1 OPNVPN never created multiple instances but post 2.1.1-2.1.4 OPNVPN created multiple instances, then I removed the modem access and ( deleted modem access interface) and every thing worked fine.

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