Intel Centrino Advanced N6205

  • Okay, so I am brand new to pfsense and have not yet made an operational box.

    I was given an old windows vista hp, not sure what the exact model is, but I wanted to use it for pfsense.
    However, I kind of rushed into buying a wireless card and bought a Intel Centrino Advanced N6205( and Im not sure if it is compatible

    I wanted to use this box as my home wifi router so thats what it needs to be able to do.


  • Netgate Administrator

    It should be supported by the iwn(4) driver in FreeBSD 10 but that means only in pfSense 2.2 alpha. It will not work in pfSense 2.1.4 (current).

    Edit: Looks like I was wrong, it will work to some extent in 2.1.4 but it's reported not to work in access point mode. Also the FreeBSD 10 man page reports only station and monitor mode so you could be out of luck if you want to use it as an access point.


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