Youtube very slow, pfsense 2.1.4, squid3, squidguard3

  • A recent upgrade to 2.1.4, removed PFblocker and am trying squid3 and squidguard3.

    Notice loading video on youtube is VERY slow.  I've added '' to the

    "Bypass proxy for these destination IPs" field, no help.

    I've checked the config pages for both squi and guard and can't find anything else that'd logically affect streaming video..Netflix seemd to be a tiny bit slower on the initial load that last time but was much faster than youtube.  I'm not sure where else to hit to test.

  • Did some googling and it looks like HAVP is the usual culprit.. however I'm not using it.  No OpenVPN (or VPN of any sort),

  • Does it improve if you temporarily disable SquidGuard?

  • I will test that and report back.  :fingersCrossed:

  • Hey everyone,

    I too have been running slow Youtube Video recently.

    I searched and searched for a fix but could not find any solution to my setup.

    So I logged into Pf and went into the Snort settings.

    I turned up the "Detection Performance Settings" in WAN interface settings…

    And now I am back up and running full HD 4k and 1080P.

    Steps taken:

    Services ---> Snort ----> Snort Interfaces ----> Click on "e" or "Edit Snort Interface Settings" on the right

    WAN Settings  ------> Scroll Down to "Detection Performance Settings"

    Search method -----> changed from default AC-BNFA to AC-NQ

    ***Warning RAM utilization will spike using AC-NQ

    I have 4GB ram and it is running at 87% of 4GB currently.


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