Getting master-conf from backup-conf

  • Hello,

    this was the first issue: master-pfsense was updated from 2.1 to actual, didn´t reboot because of raid-problem, so backup-pfsense got to work.
    Now i had to realize, that my conf-backups didn´t work for the last months, which means there was no master-conf-backup.

    So i took the conf of the backup-pfsense, stored it on an new identical hardware,  changed the lan- and wan- and sync-ips, made the changes on "carp-settings", took this machine to the datacenter, plugged in lan and sync, had a last look over all the other settings and finally plugged in the wan.

    The formerly backup, now master stayed working as master AND after some seconds the bandwitdh exploded. I checked the network interfaces and cables and gave it a new try: same result.

    On the new pfsense i got the message that sync doesn´t work. So i made a new admin-user on the backup-pfsense, wrote the user and password on the carp-settings. But  the message was the same.

    What was my mistake? Making a master-conf out of the backup-conf? Or something else?

    I would be happy for any idea, which helps.

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