Can I have mulitple hosts for one WAN?

  • I'm still confused! NAT is complex, and I get that. I'm confused as to if I need multiple WAN Addresses or not.

    I'm trying to use several different ports to get to multiple hosts inside of my DMZ Network. Ports never overlap.. all unique all the time.So.. Do I truly need NAT? Or would Port forwarding be what i'm really looking for?
    My traffic is outbound, usually to either an established session host, or it could be an inbound request for a session as well. I have RDP working to the device I have the !:! NAT pointed to right now, but if I disable or change that NAT, RDP stops working. Is that right?

    Thanks for helping out a new guy!!

  • NAT is usually for outgoing, port forward for incoming.  You need to create a few port forward rules that map a specific public IP address and port to an internal IP address and port (Firewall - NAT - Port Forward)

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