Web GUI fails over VPN

  • Okay, this is weird.  I've just set up a site to site IPSec tunnel between two pfSense boxes.  I cannot seem to get to Site B's Web Configurator from a Windows box on Site A.  That same Windows box can ping Site B's pfSense and can ssh to it.  I can get to Site B's Web Configurator from my Android tablet from Site A.  I'm not sure if this makes a difference, but the Android tablet has VPNed into Site B via client to site VPN prior to the S2S tunnel coming up.  On the Windows box, I've tried Chrome, Firefox and IE.  None can find Site B's Web Configurator.  I've also SSHed to Site B's pfSense and restarted the Web Configurator.  No joy.

    Anyone any thoughts?

  • Firewall rules for IPsec tunnel?
    Routing issue?

    Can you access any other resources (fileserver via smb etc.) through the S2S tunnel?

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