DNS request time-out

  • Hello,

    I'm a happy user of PFsense! It a wonderfull packet of functionality. But I've now a little problem with a new PFsense installation for a campsite.
    I've 3 interfaces: WAN (DHCP), LAN (with DHCP foor the office), WIFI (with DHCP for the guest of the campsite). I used the DNS resolver of PFsense to the Google DNS servers and When I connect the old internet connection to the WAN with a speed of 2,5Mb no problem. When I connect the new connection with a speed of 20Mb I've time-out with resolve DNS-names. I can ping to the internet also to the DNS-servers of Google. Also when I set manually the IP with the DNS servers or the DNS servers of my provider it don't resolve DNS names. When I plug the 20Mb internet to my laptop with the same DNS-servers there's no problem. On the firewall have I make the rules for IPv4 pass any to any with any ports. I don't use IPv6.

    What can I try to resolve this problem?

  • Anything of interest under Status - System logs - Resolver?  If you go to System - General Setup - DNS servers, what do you have for a Gateway, none or something?

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