Converting a backup into a master?

  • Hi,
    i wrote the topic "getting master-conf from backup-conf ", perhaps a little confused.

    After testing around and always running in the same problems, tonight i had this idea:
    How about converting my running backup-pfsense into the new master and setting up a new fresh backup-pfsense?
    Has anyone do this before?

    My running pfsense is 2.1, i would take a fresh 2.1.4 as new backup. Should this work?

    Thanks for any idea and info.


  • If I attempted this..  I'd download the config from the backup and manually modify the XML file, then re-upload it.  Off the top of my head, you need to update the following;

    • hostname

    • IP Address of all Interfaces - i.e., change from .3 to .2

    • Skew for all CARP VIPs - i.e, change skew from 100 to 0

    • Failover Peer IP for DHCP - i.e., change peer from .2 to .3

    Once you get your second instance of pfSense up, you'll just need to configure pfSync and XMLRPC Sync.


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