Pfsense boot fails

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to install pfsense on an old Aspire 9300 Laptop with the following characteristics :

    Processor: AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-50
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300 128 Mo
    120GB HDD

    I try to boot using an USB key or a CD and get stuck at the beggining while loading the Kernel.

    I tried several versions without any success, is their a compatibility issue with this kind of platform?

    Thanks in advance

  • Netgate Administrator

    Not necessarily. Do you have a complete list of specs? What exact images are you trying to load? What error is shown? (if any)

    Some quick Googling seems to show some issues with this model and *BSD. Some workarounds might be: disabling ACPI in the BIOS. Using the F12 boot media selection to specify the boot device which seems to pass more useful info to the OS.


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