Limit a 1 IP on Lan not the Rest.

  • Version 2.1.4-RELEASE (i386)

    My brother-in-law is staying with me, and i have asked him to stop downloading torrents because he is eating up my bandwidth when I am Home.
    But he dosent listen to me and keeps doing it.
    So i want to limit his access to the internet.

    I have 8Mb/s down and 3Mb/s up

    I run Static IP address on pfsense, his ip is ***.***.1.103 wired and ***.***.1.113 wireless

    I set a limiter for him at 500Kb/s down and up.

    I created a rule for each of his Static IP's to point to the limiter and protocol set to any.

    but i dont get 500Kb/s i get more like 51Kb/s and a high latency.

    I pinged google from his laptop and the ping latency was over 1000ms

    I want him to be able to surf the web just fine but limit the downloads.  I thought that 500Kb/s was good enough but the latency is killing me.

    Any Help would be greatly excepted, and i am new to pfsense, i used monowall in the past.
    I am trying to avoid getting a letter from my ISP about to much downloading.

  • Are you sure you're not confusing bits and bytes?  I set up a 500Kb/s limiter and was getting ~45-65KB/s as expected.  See my traffic graph and note how the traffic floats right around 500 Kb/s, with the one spike from my other VM on the same network.  My pings to Google were around 15ms so I don't know what's going on there.  How do you have your rule setup?  Where is it in your rule list?

  • I have the rule setup on the lan side.  With a single host which is his ip and at the bottom theres a choice for a limiter and i added the inbound and outbound limiter.

    At the top of the list.

    When i get a chance today ill take some screen shots.

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