• I'm try to configure pfsense for use with a HP MSM.
    The configuration fos isc-dhcp-server is:
    option MSM_Controller.server-address code 1 = array of ip-address;

    class "Colubris-AP" {
            match if option vendor-class-identifier = "Colubris-AP";
            option vendor-class-identifier "Colubris-AP";
            vendor-option-space MSM_Controller;
            option MSM_Controller.server-address;

    and in the subnet:
            option vendor-class-identifier "Colubris-AP";

    I try to add it like vendors class 43 string 01:08:B0:10:00:02 but it don't work
    I try to write it by hand in /var/dhcpd/etc/dhcpd.conf but it got rewrited when I restart the service.
    ¿Can any one help me?

    Sorry it's my faults I make a tipon in the ip address.
    43 string 01:04:AC:10:00:02 work like it is explain in:
    I all the way
    where is the file for configure dhcpd?

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