Web Gui Question

  • Hello.  I know this is probably a Microsoft issue more than anything, but was hoping someone here could explain what's being blocked…

    If I add my pfSense IP address in IE as "Intranet Zone", the webpage doesn't come up right.  I loose my drop down options on top and Version gets stuck on "Obtaining update status ...".  Anyone know why this would be?  I thought Intranet would be the least secure meaning it would allow any kind of scripts etc...

    The zone is in default settings mode.  "Medium-Low".  Funny thing is, if I move it to "Trusted Zone" and set Trusted zone to "Medium-Low", it works fine there??!!!

    I am running Windows 8.1 and can duplicate the problem on multiple machines.

    Once again, I know this is probably an IE issue, but was hoping someone knew what's being blocked so I can post the correct question on Microsoft's forums.

    Thank you!

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